Daniel Hartung

Dan Hartung, PharmD, MPH

Principal Investigator

Dan is the Principal Investigator on the RESPOND Toolkit project. He is a pharmacist, Associate Professor of Pharmacy in the Oregon State University / Oregon Health & Science University College of Pharmacy, and an Investigator in the Pacific Northwest Evidence-based Practice Center. Dr. Hartung’s research focuses on policy evaluation related to pharmaceutical health services, specifically examining how pharmacy benefit structure affects drug utilization and patient outcomes.

Nicole O'Kane

Nicole O’Kane, PharmD


Nicole serves as Co-Investigator on the RESPOND Toolkit project. She is the Clinical Director at HealthInsight Oregon, and has extensive experience collaborating with communities to evaluate incidence of harm in adverse drug events and support integration of processes to improve medication safety. She is currently a leading member in two naloxone workgroups in Oregon, working to develop effective policies and training around prescribing and dispensing naloxone at the pharmacy level.

Deb Cohen

Deborah J. Cohen, PhD


Deb serves as Co-Investigator on the RESPOND Toolkit project. She an Associate Professor in the Family Medicine Department at Oregon Health & Science University, and has advanced expertise in a range of qualitative and mixed methods approaches. Her research focuses on practice change and improvement and health information technology use in primary care.

Lindsey Alley

Lindsey Alley, MS

Project Manager

Lindsey acts as Project Manager for the RESPOND Toolkit project. She is an Associate Professor at HealthInsight Oregon. Her research focuses on better understanding patient experiences around treatment facilitation and adherence for those living with chronic conditions, and implications within patients’ critical relationships (e.g., spouse-patient, provider-patient), using both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Adriane N Irwin

Adriane N Irwin, MS, PharmD, BCACP

Clinical Consultant

Adriane served as Clinical Consultant on the RESPOND Toolkit project.  She is a Clinical Assistant Professor with the Oregon State University College of Pharmacy.  In this role, she maintains a practice site within the Community Health Centers of Benton & Linn Counties and provides clinical services in pain management.  Her research focuses on the integration of pharmacists into the primary care medical home as an opportunity to improve health outcomes.

Christi Hildebran

Christi Hildebran, LMSW, CADC III

Content Expert

Christi is the Research Director at HealthInsight Oregon and provides administrative oversight and qualitative expertise on the RESPOND Toolkit project. She has worked in the field of substance use disorders for over twenty years as a clinician, clinical supervisor, quality improvement and treatment director, and research project manager.

Jody Carson

Jody Carson, RN, MSW, CPHQ

Content Expert

Jody provides content and management oversight for the RESPOND Toolkit project. She serves as the EQR Director for HealthInsight Oregon, and has an extensive background in healthcare and quality improvement including the development and evaluation of tools for use in Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Jen Hall

Jen Hall, MPH

Lead Qualitative Analyst

Jen serves as Lead Qualitative Analyst on the RESPOND Toolkit project. She is a Research Associate in the Family Medicine Department at Oregon Health & Science University where she supervises teams in data collection, management and qualitative data analysis. Her research focuses on disseminating and implementing practice improvements in primary care.

David Cameron

David Cameron

Qualitative Analyst

David serves as Research Assistant on the RESPOND Toolkit project. He is a qualitative research assistant in the Department of Family Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University. David has a degree in anthropology and specializes in ethnographic methods. His research focuses on primary care, behavioral health, substance abuse, and health information technology.

Sarah Haverly

Sarah Haverly, MS, ABD

Research Associate

Sarah served as a research assistant on the RESPOND Toolkit project. She is a doctoral student of Applied Psychology at Portland State University. Her research interests include psychological, environmental, and occupational factors relating to health and wellbeing, including substance use.

Kevin Novak

Kevin Novak, MS

Research Assistant

As a research assistant at HealthInsight Oregon, Kevin supports the development and implementation of research projects. He has been involved in numerous projects aimed at studying occupational health and retention in hospital settings, and in educating patients on chronic pain management. He is experienced with quantitative methods, data management and analysis, survey design, and technical report writing.

Kirbee Johnston

Kirbee Johnston, MPH

Research Assistant

Ms. Johnston serves as a research assistant on the RESPOND Toolkit project. She is a faculty research assistant at the Oregon State University / Oregon Health & Science University College of Pharmacy. Her research focuses on pharmaceutical health services.

Tyler Havlin

Tyler Havlin, CPHQ

Project Coordinator

Ms. Havlin serves as project coordinator on the RESPOND Toolkit project, and project manager for dissemination activities. She is a project manager at HealthInsight Oregon whose work focuses primarily on quality improvement and support services for adults managing chronic conditions (e.g., diabetes, persistent pain).